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IDS - international Deutsche School

The International Deutsche School (IDS) is a private German-Profile School, offering an International Curriculum with a pronounced German Teaching and Examination profile.

The International Deutsche School (IDS) intends to educate Tunisian and International students who plan to pursue their University studies in Germany, Europe or North America.

The school offers classes from Kindergarten through Grade 12, serving Tunisian and International students, aged 5 to 18 years old.

The primary Language of Instruction at the school is English, with a strong emphasis on German language and culture. French and Arabic are also offered as foreign languages.

The school is open from Monday to Friday and welcomes students all day, including Wednesday afternoons (at no additional cost).

Pre-registration is open for school year 2019-2020

Our pedagogy is based on the German concept of Bildung, a concept that combines the acquisition of knowledge with self-development. Each child must grow and develop according to his own pace and individual skills.

Educational work encourages self-organized learning, gives children the freedom to be creative, encourages teamwork and enables to learn from mistakes and experiment.
IDS offers an international Curriculum that is largely based on the German system.

Recreational clubs are part of the proposed curriculum (free of charge). They are taught in German, French and English, alternately and mix students of different ages.

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